About us

Our Story​​Jullu is an Australian company established in October 2012.Like many parents, our interest in infant and children products arose from being proud parents. We were disappointed with the low level of quality, availability, safety and quality assurance of products in the current market. To further our concerns we also discovered that some products on the market are produced using chemical that can be harmful to our children. We decided to share our enthusiasm to making sure that our loved ones will only receive the best products. Influenced by our beloved daughter, our product range is handpicked by us. We have hand selected a range of products that we also use to make sure that we know what all the benefits are. Our journey began from the safest and most versatile play mat, the Foldaway™ play mat and from here on our product range will continue to grow.

Our Vision
To fulfil parents and children’s needs by providing fun products that combine style, functionality, versatility and safety for our loved ones. We are committed to discovering and developing innovative products which meets our strict criteria of quality assurance, practicality, durability, versatility and safety.