Jullu Kids Play Mats and Baby Playpen
Welcome and thank you for visiting Jullu Kids Play Mats and Baby Playpen, Foldaway Bumper Mat and Baby Play Mats Australia. 

Our high quality durable kids play mats are safe, versatile and made to Australian and European safety standards. 

Our own kids have used the Jullu bumper mat as a baby mat, and then as they grew they became a baby playpen and baby gym, a kids playpen, gymnastics mats, activity mats, kids ball pit and kids play fort. Our kids come up with all sorts of imaginative uses for our foam play mat and folding gym mat! It is a lot of fun and thankfully they pack away neatly. 

The children's play mats are such a good investment as they can be used by the little ones as a baby tummy time mat right through to their teenage years when they will still be using them as activity mats and gymnatics mats. Or you can even use them as an exercise mat!

We have a
wide range of beautiful colours that can compliment the decor of any home. 

At Jullu Australia kids safety is our priority. Foldaway Play Mats are made from non-toxic materials. The PU (polyutherane) leather cover is tested for dangerous chemicals such as formamide and ammonia because babies do like to chew and lick all sorts of things! The inner foam cushion is made from PE (polyethylene) and has four layers, which are bonded using thermal transfer (NOT adhesives glues).

The 4cm thick play mats have excellent shock absorption. The kids/ baby play mats zip together - all the zippers are safely covered so that babies cannot access them.

If you have any questions we are always happy to hear from our customers! We are parents and we have been enjoying all our products with our own kids for many years.

Read our blog post 10 Fun Ways to Use Your Playmats with photos of what our kids do with their playmats. 


Was $179.00

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Was $179.00

Now $100.00

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