Kids Play Mat / Baby Play Mat - Playpen & Kids Ball Pit - ALL IN ONE Foldaway Bumper Mat

Our Foldaway Bumper Mat kids play mats are made of safe materials and so can be used as a baby play mat. 

The Jullu Foldaway Bumper Mat is an ALL IN ONE product that can be used as a Foldaway Play Pen, Kids and Baby Play Mat, and a Kids Ball Pit. It so versatile and so much fun! Throw a few blankets over it and it becomes a Kids Fort. 

It is easy to clean. Yay!  Your kids will find ways to use them from when they are babies right through until they become teenagers - which makes it an excellent investment. Not many kid’s toys will hold their interest for so long. 

Our kids love using the Foldaway Bumper Mats as Activity Mats and Gymnastics Mats. It also makes a great Baby Playpen, Baby Play Gym and Portable Cot when visiting friends and family.