10 Fun Ways to Use Your Playmat

Things to do with kids playmats

1. Nappy Changing “Table” – Baby Changing Table

A huge nappy changing “table” that goes on the floor so baby is safe and has nowhere to fall. It is easy to clean and the waterproof cover protects the mat while you are changing the nappy. It can be easily cleaned with baby wipes or wet wipes.   

2. Protective Floor Mat

The foldaway playmat is great on cold hard floors and also helps protect the carpet. The play mat also protects babies from dusty carpets – which is especially helpful if they have allergies. Put the playmat in front of the couch to reduce the risk of damage if baby falls, rolls of jumps off the couch.  If you live in an apartment or a two floor house it reduces the noise to the floor below. You can’t stop kids running and jumping around all the time but you can cut down the noise and stress levels by covering the floor with the playmat.   

3. Fun Play Tunnel

Let’s face it – kids love tunnels and cubbies and anything they can hide in. Make it easy on yourself with the a tunnel that easily folds away. Fold the mats into a zig-zag shape making two tunnels. Babies and toddlers love crawling through the tunnels and you can play peekaboo with your bub. 

4. A Kids Table

Simply fold all the panels on top of each other and you have a kids table in seconds! Sit around the table and play games, do drawing, play dough and even cooking. 

5. Kids Sofa

Fold three panels of the playmat on top of each other and open up one panel and lean it against the wall as a backrest. Ta-da now you have a great reading space and quiet spot. 

6. A Kids Cubby House

Extend the play mat between some chairs to make a cozy kids cave. Kids love hiding in a small spaces. The playmat is easy to move around and kids love to use it in different places around the house.  Moving the location around keeps them stimulated, interested and happy.  The playmat can make great cubby houses with chairs, bed frames and tables. Kids love to be creative and make the cubbies in their brilliant way. 

7. A Standing Screen

Tip the play mats on their side in a zig-zag shape like a Japanese screen. Makes a great room divider - something for the kids to hide behind.  Also great for hiding messy toy corners behind when you have unexpected guests! 

8. A Camping Mattress

The playmats are light weight, easy to fold up and carry around and fit into the car.  The playmats are quite robust so can even go on top of the car with your other camping gear. It is comfortable to sleep on and you can fold it out to play on while you are camping.

9. Guest Bed

Great for kids sleepovers and even adults. When you have a guest but no spare bed. No problem! The playmat is 4cm and feels like a bed. 

10. Exercise Mat – Gymnastics Mat

Great for getting some stretches in while kids are playing next to you on the mat. Kids can use it as a gymnastics mat. Parents can also use the playmat as a yoga mat or Pilates mat. The soft cushion and firm surface may prevent joint fatigue and injuries. 

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